Concurrent Session Program

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Monday, August 29, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

1. Energy Demand

Robert E. Borgstrom, Presiding
Regulatory Advisor

Modeling Disaggregated Energy Consumption: Considering Nonlinearity, Asymmetry, and Heterogeneity by Analyzing US State-level Data
Brantley Liddle
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Residential Coal Demand in Kazakhstan
Zauresh Atakhanova
Peter Howie
Nazarbayev University
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Potential for Power-to-Heat Applications in Germany and its Impact on Natural Gas Demand
Lisa M Koch
Technische Universitaet Berlin
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Growth of Electricity Demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) in Turkey: Bottom-Up Modelling Approach, and Benchmarking with Selected Countries
Zafer Ozturk
Bogazici University
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2. Oil & Gas Modelling-1

Yukari Yamashita, Presiding
Board Member Director
Institute of Energy Economics

The Asymmetric Dynamic Dependence Between Return and Volatility in Oil Markets
Qiang Ji
Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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A DSGE Model for an Emerging Open Economy Oil-Producer: Foreign Exchange Interventions as a Policy Instrument
Fred Iklaga
University of Surrey
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Diversification Stratagies in the European Natural Gas Market - Optimal Investment Decisions in Infrastructure
Philipp Hauser
Research Associate, Technische Universität Dresden
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Monday, August 29, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

3. Oil& Gas Modelling-2

Robert E. Brooks, Presiding

Studying Boom Bust Cycles in Natural Gas Production Assets Investments
Joel Enderlin
ENGIE Strategy Division
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LNG Import Quotas in Oligopolistic Markets – What Are the Benefits for the European Union’s Natural Gas Market?
Simon Schulte
Florian Weiser
University of Cologne/ewi ER&S
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The Evolving Dynamics of Eurasian Supply and Demand in the Increasingly Integrated Global Gas Market
Robert E Brooks
President, RBAC, Inc.
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4. Energy Governance

Philipp Hauser, Presiding
Research Associate
Technische Universität Dresden

Prudent Management of Oil Revenues: Impacts of Government Capital Expenditures in Azerbaijan Economy
Sarvar Gurbanov
Ceyhun Mikayilov
Qafqaz University
Jeffrey B Nugent
University of Southern California
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Energy Subsidies Reform In Iran: An Example for the World?
Hossein Mirzapour
Michele Breton
HEC Montreal
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5. Energy Security and Geopolitics

James L. Smith, Presiding
Cary M. Maguire Chair in Oil & Gas Management
Southern Methodist University

Energy Security and Economic Performance of the Caspian Region: How Vulnerable is the Region to Falling Oil Price?
Nathaniel A Babajide
CEPMLP, University of Dundee
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Complexity of Caspian Sea Energy Geopolitics and Purposing a Solution
Ahmad Emami Meibodi
University of Shahid Beheshti

Mohammad Hosein Memarian
University of Tehran
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Tuesday, August 30, 11:00am - 12:30pm

6. Renewable Energy Policy

Ying Fan, Presiding
Professor School of Econ & Mgmt
Beihang University

Suitable Combination of Photovoltaic Cell and Electricity Storage System in the Smart Community Connecting the Commercial and Residential Sectors
Yoshiki Ogawa
Professor, Toyo University
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The Timing of China's Carbon Peaking Under an Uncertain Future
Hongbo Duan
Shouyang Wang
Jianlei Mo
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ying Fan
Beihang University
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7. Energy Regulation

Sang Yoon Shin, Presiding
Associate Research Fellow
Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI)View session description

Evolution of the Global Energy Governance Structure: A Scenario Analysis Focusing on the G20
Sang Yoon Shin
Korea Energy Economics Institute
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Repair the Roof Before it Rains -- Regulating Water Consumption and Pollution for Shale Gas Development in Xinjiang, China
Yuan Xu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Incidence of District Heating and Natural Gas Networks on Energy Poverty Across Kazakhstan
Aiymgul Kerimray
Luis Rojas-Solórzano
School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University
Rocco De Miglio
E4SMA s.r.l.
Brian Ó Gallachóir
Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork
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8. ITEM Game Competition

Click here to view more information about the Investment and Trading in Electricity Markets with ITEM-Game competition

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Tuesday, August 30, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

9. Energy Efficiency

Ulrike Gabriele Lehr, Presiding
Inst of Econ Structures Research

Analyzing Energy Efficiency Barriers in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors in Ukraine
Govinda R Timilsina
World Bank
Iryna Fedets
Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting
Gal Hochman
Rutgers University
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Energy Efficiency, New Gas Discoveries and Jobs – The Case Study of Israel
Ulrike G Lehr
Institute of Economic Structures Research, GWS
Anke Moennig
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10. Oil Price Impact

Reiji Takeishi, Presiding
Tokyo International University

The Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Significant Oil Exporting Economies in the Eurasia Region
Aqueela Ahmed
Coventry University
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Electric vs. Conventional Cars: Impact of Oil Prices
Amela Ajanovic
Reinhard J Haas
Vienna University of Technology
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Economic Analysis of New Iraniab Petroleum Contract (IPC) : The Case Study of Caspian Sea Fields
Hamed Sahebhonar
Ferdowsi University
Ali Taherifard
Imam Sadiq University
Fazel M Farimani
University of Dundee, Center for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy
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11. Electricity

Jorge Sousas, Presiding
Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa - ISEL

Who Benefits from Renewables in Liberalized Electricity Markets
Anton Finenko
Anthony D Owen
Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
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How to Integrate Larger Shares of Renewables in Sustainable and Competitive Electricity Systems
Reinhard J Haas
Professor, TU Wien
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Efficiency Gains for Real-time Pricing in Imperfectly Competitive Electricty Markets
Stephen J Poletti
University of Auckland
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A Probabilistic Approach to the Computation of the Levelized Cost of Electricity
Thomas Geissmann
ETH Zurich
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